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Infrared or thermal imaging is a non-invasive process that uses an infrared camera to detect and measure temperatures across the surface of a home. During a thermal imaging assessment, an experienced technician will scan the walls and ceilings of a home, looking for areas of high or low temperature. By doing so, they can detect any air infiltration, water leakage, or even structural problems that may be occurring.


Moisture assessment, on the other hand, is a process that uses specialized tools to detect and measure the moisture content in the walls and ceilings of a home. During a moisture assessment, a technician will look for signs of water damage, such as staining or discoloration, as well as areas of high or low moisture levels. By doing so, they can detect any potential water intrusion issues that may be occurring.

The combination of infrared and moisture assessment can help to provide an overall picture of the condition of your home. By detecting both air infiltration and water leakage issues, these services can help to identify potential problems before they cause significant damage.




When it comes to protecting your home from damage and ensuring its longevity, infrared (thermal imaging) and moisture assessment can play an important role. While both services provide valuable information about the condition of your home, they are quite different in terms of their applications and the results they yield.

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