Why You Should Always Hire a Licensed Mold Remediation Team

You’ve found water damage in your home, a mold inspector has assessed the damage and given you the report; so, what’s the next step? You may think that the report seems simple enough to follow, but we recommend hiring a licensed remediation team to perform the work for the following reasons:


1. Air Quality Safety

While removing the mold growing in your home, remediators will ensure that the job is not done until the air quality in your home is back to an acceptable level. When mold is growing in your home and when it is being handled, it can become airborne causing a variety of health concerns. When using a licensed remediation company, they will set up enclosures around the remediated area so that way the airborne mold spores do not spread to the rest of your home to be breathed in. To also ensure that your home’s air quality is acceptable, special temporary air filters are used to remove the mold spores from the air.


2. They Will Cover All Steps of Remediation

After the damage in your home has been assessed and the report is made, a licensed remediation team will then remediate the problem while returning the damaged areas to new condition. The remediation team will perform the break down to the rebuild of the damaged areas and cover everything in between (i.e., painting, resurfacing, tile work).


3. The Job Is Not Done Until We Deem It Acceptable

When a licensed remediation team believes that the mold is successfully removed and the air quality is acceptable, they will have a licensed mold inspector from the Air Quality Experts Team come to perform a post-remediation assessment (PRA). During a PRA, one of our licensed mold inspectors will come test the air and search for any hidden mold missed during remediation. If our team finds anything incomplete, the remediation team will continue the work until we deem it acceptable.


4. It Will Save You Money

When performing mold remediation properly many types of equipment are used and many steps need to be carefully performed. The costs of renting out the special equipment and tools can be astronomical; licensed remediation teams come fully prepared with all of the equipment and experience necessary to perform the job. Performing the remediation yourself or using an unlicensed team can lead to an incomplete job, which will end up costing you more money in the long run. Protecting the health of your family is worth every penny.


Protect the Health of Your Family with Air Quality Experts

Constant exposure to mold and its spores can contribute to health issues for you and your family, leading to various allergic and respiratory symptoms. The first step to winning the battle is to determine what causes mold in your home through a professional mold testing and inspection (Schedule your mold assessment today). The next step is to hire a licensed remediation team. Air Quality Experts work with dozens of licensed remediation teams throughout Florida, if you are looking to hire one and would like recommendations give us a call at (561)298-9431.


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