Why You Shouldn’t Let Water Stains Go Untreated

Water stains can form on the floors, walls, ceilings and even the furniture of your home; While water stains allude to excess moisture, they are also a tell-tale sign of potential hidden mold within your home. Once discovered, these stains should be inspected properly and expeditiously for a few reasons:


1. Water Stains Can Be an Indication of Faults or Damage Elsewhere in the Home

Whether it’s a crack in your roof or a pipe leak, once a stain is discovered an inspector can help determine the source of the unwanted water to prevent future damage or higher than normal water bills. Small leaks can sometimes take months to appear, so it’s best to act quickly after noticing the stain to avoid these issues. After a source of the leak is determined, other potential locations of previously unnoticed water damage can be discovered as well.


2. Hidden Mold

Mold only requires 3 conditions to grow and those are the right temperature, moisture, and organic material. If you live in Florida and have a water stain then most likely both of these conditions are met. While on the surface you may only see a small water stain on your wall, within the wall bacteria could be colonizing and growing mold throughout other parts of the wall. Mold growth only requires 48 hours after the initial leak to form, which is another reason why the stain should be inspected as soon as possible after being noticed.


3. Surface Mold and Potential Allergens

While a water stain can contain hidden mold behind the surface, it can also develop mold on the surface as well. Most molds are potential allergens and when growing on the surface they possess the risk of becoming airborne. Not all surface mold is easy to find, which is why once a stain is found it is best to inspect it further to help determine the extent of the problem before it potentially poses a risk to the air quality of a home.


4. Even Old Stains Shouldn’t Be Left Untended

Some homes have waters stains in them that have been left undealt with for years and have since dried up. This does not necessarily mean that problem has fixed itself; these stains should still be inspected. The source of the leak may have been found and fixed but mold growth still could have formed out of view and still could be forming regardless of how old the stain is. Another possibility is that mold could have formed previously but has since dried out and is still present on the surface having the capability of becoming airborne in your home.


Protect the Health of Your Family with Air Quality Experts

Unfortunately, water stains in your home are more than a cosmetic annoyance they can also be a catalyst for mold growth. Constant exposure to mold and its spores can contribute to health issues for you and your family, leading to various allergic and respiratory symptoms. The first step to winning the battle is to determine what causes mold in your home through a professional mold testing and inspection.

At Air Quality Experts, we will be happy to conduct a full-home or partial-home mold assessment and provide you with a comprehensive, easy-to-understand report.

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